Scheduling outcome: April 28 and May 12th. Prologue session TBD.

Friday Evening Session: Prologue
April 20 Kennv might be on Staten Island until late. Normally scheduled friday night at Taxadadu.
April 27 CatsClaw out.

Saturday Long Session
April 21 Kennv might be on Staten Island
April 28 Taxadadu, Meredith in. Catsclaw out.
May 5 (Best for Blambur and Sarasan); Fshoes maybe gone; Possibly ME campaign for Smeagol, Taxadadu and Meredith.
May 12 Taxadadu, Meredith in. Fshoes maybe gone. Maybe switch to Sunday?
May 19 Possibly ME campaign for Smeagol, Taxadadu and Meredith
May 26 (Worst for Blambur and Srasan)

When to play?

Turns out, the next couple of weekends don’t work for me. After worrying about start dates for so long because I knew these weekends were coming up, I decided “f it” and then we ran smack into them. I can do a prologue/character-creation/game-test on the Fridays of April 20th or 27th or we could jump into long sessions Saturdays of 21st or 28th. I’ll update here with a matrix of availabilities for the starter session and the two long sessions. We can plan the overflow/conclusion at a later date.

Play style: Roleplay with talking and rolling. And dungeon crawls. Expect taverns, and crimelords and Imperial officers. Expect static security countermeasures (traps) and npc ‘encounters’ (killing monsters), new technologies and artifacts (LOOTZ!). I’m not afraid of prison, court room, or hanging-upside-down-in-an-ice-cave scenes, so surrender is always an option. But I’ll never tell you the odds. Continue reading, for how I’d like to develop the story and the characters.

In Planning

As many of you know we started and stopped a Star Wars Campaign a while back. I’ve got ideas and some hooks. But we haven’t got the playing in.

I’d like to run a partial campaign in 2-3 long sessions – sort of the “Episode 1” of a possible trilogy. Like start 10 AM. Break for lunch + XP awards. And continue on to maybe 9-10 pm.

Right now I’m in the planning stage, and besides getting me, the npcs and the scenarios ready that means asking you what YOU’D like to do. Where do we begin? Where would you like to go? Why are you working with this bunch of people. Any history that might come back to haunt you?

I think characters got to level 3-4 before – but who still has those sheets of paper! Rather, I think we should re-imagine and start from level 1. My idea would be to get us level 3 or 4 – by the end of the first day. Last time we started from level 2, and I’d be open to that again to allow for multiclassing, richer histories, and even racial level adjustments (house-ruled). Where would you like to begin?

Where do you want to fit in the Star Wars universe? Rebels from the start? Eventually sucked into the Rebellion. Loosely affiliated privateers or organization. Do-gooders, antiheroes, and rivals without rebels affiliations. I do want you to ‘fight evil’ ‘heroically’. The reasons you do are up to you, and letting me know where you want your character to end up will help us to tell a story together – rather than just being soldiers following orders or nihilist anti-agents without an ethos. It may also help you to develop a “destiny”, a rule element from SAGA.

WIKI Development:

I want to set the campaign in the greater Star Wars universe – so the version that has countless planets, species, devices, histories – and heroes and villains with space for them to play. The game will be set before the events of A New Hope – the Empire has clamped down on galaxy, but it hasn’t exploded any planets yet, and the rebellion is still nascent, and scattered. But it’s a big universe so you might run into some Jedis on the run, or a planet that has been devastated after rising against the Empire. Or you may not have ever thought a bad thought about the Empire and think Jedis are traitors and villains. The Force will be with this game, whether your characters believe in it or not. I’ve set the game in the Brachean Cluster, which is a place I made up so we can do whatever we want there.

Check the Wiki for an Introduction to the Sector, important rules about the Force, and check back for entries on Equipment, Species, NPCs, and planets. Feel free to invent your own entries in species, force powers, equipment, etc – whether interpretations from other Star Wars source materials or your own head. We can balance them and incorporate them into the game together — wiki style.

Star Wars Saga: Seven Points to a Star

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