General: Skilled craftsmen and artisans, the Yazzrick were already an advanced tech species when the Ferellanno made contact. They became the first partner in the federation and helped spread space travel tech throughout the sector. They are common sights in and around starports in the sector, and often sought after as mechanics.

Their brains have evolved to use their two sets of arms at two sets of tasks at the same time, and are therefore natural mutlitaskers. Part of their brain tends to wander during social interactions, so they prefer to keep their hands busy. Else they get fidgety. It sometimes takes “one-trackers” some time to get used to interacting with the hyperactive Yazzrick.

Physical Description: Small, feathered, warm-blooded reptilian. 4 arms, 2 legs and a tail. Omnivorous with teeth to tear and a tongue to masticate.
Homeworld: Yazztrell (Hi tech planet 90% Yazzrick, 5% Ferellanno, 4% Trianii, 1% other)
Example names: Zrrip Bjetll, Llemma Ozzroh, Y’rip Jjames.

Adventurers: Hyperactive tinkerers? Nah, they never become adventurers.

Species Traits:
Ability modifiers: +2 Dex, -2 Strength, -2 Charisma
Small size
Speed: 4 squares on two legs. On two legs and two arms, 6 squares walking and 2 squares climbing.
Darkvision: Ignore concealment from darkness.
Free feat: (if prerequisites are met) Dual Weapon Mastery I
Auto-coordinate: Can roll to assist self in certain skill checks, such as mechanics, that would benefit from an extra set of hands. Can roll to assist own attacks – normal penalties for multiple attacks apply.

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