The Force

Campaign Rules:

The Force is a powerful and mysterious agent in the game. Everyone will get chances to “have a bad feeling about X”, but force sensitive characters will also experience other forms of foresight and perhaps other expressions of the power of the force. If your character is force sensitive (takes the feat) you will get additional insights frequently, even if you are unskilled and don’t take any specific powers or talents. But you will also have game based disadvantages – more prone to Dark Side points, special vulnerabilities, and, of course, the Empire and others will take special interest in your character. I see it as a double feat, and to balance you get a bit of a hindrance – that’s just more opportunity for roleplaying!

The Dark Side:

  • Characters that act with disregard to human life will get dark side points. I will enforce a strict moral code. What do you do with foes that repent? Did your character have a hand in a blood bath? ‘Collateral damages’ and innocents? This is doubly true for force sensitive characters, who will be at least partially responsible for the actions of their team and even events they witness (which they may have the power to stop).
  • On the other hand Jedi are free to use subterfuge, sneakiness, and bald faced lies – and use excessive force in the face of violence. Obiwan doesn’t do anything but lie, chop hands, sneak, and die in E4:ANH. Jedi aren’t paladins, but they do have a code – do not act from anger, hate or fear. If I judge that your characters is using those as motivations, even the most innocuous act may earn you a Dark Side point.


  • The flip side of more Dark Side points, is acknowledging them and getting rid of them. Meditation and good acts can help clear your ledger with the force. Big stains need big pains to wash away.


  • Learning Force powers and secrets will be tricky without training. You may need to come up with a back-story, find in-game NPCs, or items (transcribe a scroll into your spellbook?). We won’t halt your progress (sorry can’t advance in that level), but the search and relationships should be a part of your character.

The Force

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