Introductions to the Sector

The Brachean Sector/Cluster

First impressions:

Your characters have been in the cluster for a few weeks or months. Here is some of the background info that a deaf and blind Gundark could have gathered. The sector is way out in outer rim, beyond the Tion Cluster and neighboring the Corporate Sector. It took some tricky astrogation to get out here due to some wacky gravity wells created by the Thespias Nebula and the Gringle Rift. But it seems the Empire is attempting to assert itself out here, at least at the starports you’ve visited. There are some shiny patrol cruisers and pre-fabricated fortresses and barracks deployed out here and settlers seemingly right off the boat. It all looks very “new” and fresh from its packaging.

But its not all humans out here. In fact, humans seem to be the minority despite these settlers. There is the normal diversity of spaceport life out here, but a near-human race, the Ferellanno, seems to be the most ubiquitous. You can recognize them everywhere, with their pointed ears, often green to blue to violet hair and eyes, and a distinctive bone structure between their eyebrows that they say is unique to each individual, but all look the same to you. Now that you see them all the time, you find that you can’t say that you’ve ever really seen a Ferellanno before coming out here. Another seemingly local race is the Yazzrick – a species of small feathered lizard-men with four arms. Oh and many more…

The markets (legal and black) seem generally vibrant. The planets and people peaceful. Some of the planets you been to are homes to massive metropolises, while other have small town or even frontier town feels to them. It all seems like regular life, but with a lot of opportunities for a spacer to make some credits or an adventurer to earn renown.

Depending on you character, you also may have read or seen one of these descriptions
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The Brachean Cluster is composed of several hundred star systems, with a still unknown quantity of habitable planets. Astrogation into and within the cluster are complicated by powerful and shifting gravity well emanating from the Thespias Nebula and Gringle Rift. The Nebula and Rift effectively created navigational barriers that had long divided the cluster from the rest of explored space. However the cluster is home to several indigenous sentient races, most notably the Ferellanno who had discovered space travel and rudimentary hyperspace travel before contact with the Republic. The Ferellanno had colonized their home system extensively and established settlements in surrounding systems; and come in contact with other sentient races in the cluster. The term “Sector” has come into favored usage with the Empire and officially denotes an area of space that includes the Cluster, the Nebula and Rift, and several nearby star systems.

The Brachean sector is a relatively new addition to the galactic community. The Jedi Duros Scout Kylls Maishhe charted the first safe starlane through the gravitational effects of the Thespias Nebula about a century before the outbreak of the Clone Wars. There he found the hyperspace capable civilization of the Ferallanno which spread out from their home system of Ferria. The Ferallannic Confederation acceded into the Republic after a few years of negotiations and cultural exchanges. Integration of the area into the galactic community was interrupted by Trade Disputes and the outbreak of the Clone Wars, with several separatist strongholds located nearby in the Tion Cluster, through which the safest starlane into the rest of the Republic ran. <sentenced> The Emperor has promised that the Brachean Sector will be fully integrated into the rest of the Empire and has designated the sector for economic development, settlement and homesteading.

Discovery: The Duros Scout Kylls Maishe and his small crew was the first to find a hyper-space path through the gravitational fields of the Thespias Nebula. Maishe has said that he felt drawn to something powerful. At first he believed this was the Ferellanno civilization, but after playing a key role in their entry into the Republic, he once again set out into the Nebula and Rift looking for something. He charted many more planets, but was eventually lost to the Rift.

Demographics: The Ferellanno make up the largest single racial group in the sector, but still don’t comprise an absolute majority. Outside of their home planets the Ferellanno have many settlements and communities, but there are many other planets with their own species. The Yazzrick, a small feathered reptilian race, have also settled off their home planet, both amongst other peoples and in independent settlements. It seems the Rashin, a larger humanoid with mammalian predatory features, has also found its way into space with several settlements off their home world. All three had been a part of the Ferallannic Confederation. Most worlds and their peoples have been integrated into the galactic community: they are educated, speak Basic in addition to their native languages, and engage in varied employments and industries.

Politics: <section> Moff Reaton has been placed in charge of the Brachean Sector and its economic development. He is making it a nicer place to live with safe streets, great schools, and many economic opportunities. He has cheerfully taken up the Emperor’s call to open the sectors habitable space for everyone! He is clearing away blighted and depressed neighborhoods to make way for new places for us all to work, play and live! And he makes those places safe for honest folk by eliminating the unwanted elements. He has opened new planets to settlements of people sick of life in the crowded core worlds, whether they are looking for a place where people can make an honest living working with their hands, or find peace tranquilty. Moff Reaton works with planetary governors in the interest of the people’s common good and the general will of the Empire, and he does NOT bow to special interests!

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1 result, posted 2 weeks ago, by The Rat Magnificent
Plenty of cred to be had out in the Brachean Sector for us fringe-like elements or even honest shippers and scouts. There is a lot of space to be exploited, er, I mean “explored and developed” and the Empire, Core corporations, and even the Corporate Sector want to put their grubby little hands all over this secluded chunk of space. And they are willing to pay decently to ensure their interests come out on top. The Empire exerting its control has also left the local political leaders and planetary militias a little “disenchanted”. The Ferallanno in particular have been shut out by the Empire’s human only policy – and they make up a big chunk of the pop out here. Many have turned to a thriving black market – for goods but also to reclaim their power in a shadow society outside of Moff Reakon’s control. Many don’t turn to government for anything, relying instead on “La Familia” the major crime syndicate out here. But La Familia’s clientele are not your normal “criminals” so don’t expect big high-payoff loads like guns or spice. Expect restricted cultural items such as ”ethnic” food stuffs, medicine, holovids, and even newsvids and transmissions that the empire has tried to tax or place restrictions on. La Familia is hardly the only syn out here though. Pirates clans have followed or sprung up in the wake of the Corps and the prospectors. And the Hutts came too, you can find their agents about. Every starport has its normal local riffraff led by some local top-dog too. And some of those dogs are rabid! Leave those ones alone, or put ‘em down. But I don’t need to tell you that.

Introductions to the Sector

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